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The Newly Wed Game- for all couples

So this game is to inspire conversation, learn more about your partner, and see how well you know them! You can keep score or just use it as little convo starters: What you need: pen and paper for both you and your partner To start: pick a category (travel, transportation, food, or random) Go through the questions and write down your answers, make sure your partner can't see what your wrote. You can both write your answers at the same time . Once you’re both done, try to guess what the other wrote down. Once you’ve both guessed the first question, and talked it out, go to the next question. Keep score or just keep rolling! TRAVEL: 🌴 You must spend $300 on a vacay, where would you go/ what would you do: You must spend $20,000 on a vacay, where would you go/ what would you do: Where is your fav place to travel? Rent a car or use public transit? How many countries have you been to? Beach or city destination? Camping or glamping? What’s your dream vacation? FOOD: 🍜 What’s your fav food? Fav cookie? What are you best at making: Who’s a better cook? Sweet or salty? Nachos or Burritos? Pasta or Pizza? Cream sauce tomato sauce? If you could choose a celebrity chef to cook for you for one day, who would you choose?

TRANSPORTATION: ✈️ What was your first car? What’s your dream vehicle? Choose between a dream car or dream boat? Ski-doo or Sea-doo? Sunday stroll (walking) or Sunday cruise (driving)? Bus or train?

Road trip or Jet set? Monster truck rally or Race car event? RANDOM: 🐙 If you could hang out with a celeb for a day, who would it be? What’s been your favourite Halloween costume? What’s your fav movie? Would you rather do a puzzle or a board game? You have to do one: sing for an audience or dance?

What’s your favourite color?

Should bagels be toasted or not toasted?

Would you rather be too cold or too hot?

What’s your dream job?

You're house is on fire, but you have the chance to grab 3 possessions, what would they be?

You're trapped on a deserted island (with your significant other) without wifi, what’s the one thing you would bring for entertainment?

That's all! I hope you had fun 💛 Happy dating! xo crystal

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