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Discover how to Drive sales On social media & get more eyes on your business  

No more sifting through generic information, get laser-focused insights and tactics designed specifically for your business.

Join us May 16th at 4:30-7:30pm for an exclusive, intimate social media mastermind & group coaching experience led by us, two industry experts. Crystal, a content media specialist and seasoned entrepreneur, along with Kiah, the visionary owner of Se7en Media Consulting & current educator are here to guide you through a transformative journey toward social media success!

BIG Entrepreneur ENERGY

Without trying everything & spending hours feeling like a slave to the algorithm


So let's talk biz: There’s nothing more disheartening than making a social media post to advertise your business or promotion and getting nothing but *crickets*. Or running a contest to try to reach new audiences, knowing what you're giving away is bursting with value, but having only your close friends and family enter.We understand that frustration because we have BEEN THERE.

This can lead to self-defeating thoughts...

It makes you start to think- is my product good enough?  Or do people even want my service?

It makes you start to wonder why that person you thought you were friends with, hired that other person, or bought something similar from another store.

It makes you question if you are priced too high or if you should try to run a sale to ramp up the excitement around your business.
All of sudden you are caught in a moment of paralysis.  There are so many things to do, so social media gets pushed to the side or we keep doing what we've always done, even though it hasn't been working.

We get that because we know what it feels like to be driven and excited about your business and then crash into a wall thinking your business is invisible.  You then are left questioning what your next step is.  It can be so overwhelming trying to do it all yourself.

can be lonely.

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 9.51.08 AM.png


In this unique mastermind, you'll be part of a supportive community where your voice is heard, your challenges are understood, and your victories are celebrated. Say goodbye to generic advice and hello to personalized strategies tailored specifically to your business.



Let us do the heavy lifting! We'll update you on the most effective strategies we've used and seen on social media.   

You won't need to check out what your competition is doing, because it simply won't matter.  You'll feel confident with what you're posting and how you're showing up. 


A Question For YOU

How would it feel to have a group of entrepreneurs helping you get to the next level of your business?  People that want you to succeed just as much as you want yourself to succeed?


That is the energy of
Your Social Society

We want to see your direct messages blowing up with people ready to buy what you're selling! 


-Crystal's dry, grab, + prune. strategy that increases views on stories by 40-50%.  working through this strategy has led to over 200k in sales in the last couple of years directly selling photography services.

Learn Kiah's Growth and connection method that has made it possible to surpass her revenue goals by 50%.

-The number one biggest mistake that Instagram is punishing you for on your stories

-The three things in your bio that are killing your chance of getting new followers. 

-Our favourite easter egg trick, that slows the scroll and get people in the comments



What EXACTLY will this include:

​​Here's what you can expect from this game-changing mastermind:

Community Power: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are driven to succeed. Share insights, brainstorm ideas, and form valuable connections that will propel your business forward.  

Niche Strategies: No more sifting through generic information. Get laser-focused insights and tactics designed specifically for your business. Whether you're a service provider, or a product-based business, in any niche, you'll receive tailored guidance to elevate your social media presence.  

Clarity and Inspiration: Break through the noise and gain clarity on effectively leveraging social media. Uncover innovative ideas, learn from others' experiences, and reignite your passion for growing your business on social platforms.  

Social Media Tech Essentials: Discover how small tweaks on social media can make a big difference in your reach and engagement so that you have the opportunity to make more sales.

With Crystal and Kiah at the wheel, you'll benefit from their combined expertise, insider knowledge, and proven track record of success. It's time to transform your social media approach and unlock the growth potential.

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of knowing you need to post, but not knowing what to post

  • You don't enjoy promoting yourself or your business on social media & often feel overwhelmed at the thought of it

  • You don't feel like you are attracting your dream clients/customers

  • You wonder why people you know aren't buying from you

  • You want to make more money, but the idea of being 'salesy' makes you feel icky

  • You can feel like a bit of an imposter in this industry

  • You often wonder if you're doing this as efficiently as possible

  • You wish there was some sort of handbook you could review to 'know  exactly' how to promote your business on social sites

How this session will look?

Part one: We will walk you through a self-evaluation and audit of your current social media account.  The audit will address, your bio, current content and visual branding. This will be the foundation of optimizing your social media and working on an eco-system that will make you magnetic to your dream clients/customers. 

Part two:  Coaching on being magnetic to your dream client/customer through content strategies.
 Instagram cheat codes, ie) all the best-performing hooks, calls to actions, captions and types of engagement.

Part three: Round table masterminding on problems you are experiencing with your business on social media. Gain insight from Kiah, Crystal and other brilliant entrepreneurs in the group.  Then help others with your unique ideas and insight.

Part four: networking time with other entrepreneurs.

If reading this you feel a teeny bit excited take that as a cue to apply! We can't wait to help you get so much social media clarity.

DATE: May 16 2024
TIME: 4:30pm to 7:30pm


Kiah at or
Crystal at 

Please include: 

1. Name
2. Business name

3. Links to social media

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