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Stay Home: Date Nights

There’s such a huge difference between spending time together and spending quality time together. We can spend so much time with our partners and still feel like we are lacking connection. Living outside the city Chris and I have definitely had to get creative with date nights in, since going to a nice restaurant, theatre (I love going to the globe theatre) or even a pub (miss you leo's), takes a lot of travel time and generally means getting home quite late.

To me a date is just a commitment to connection or reconnection. So, choosing to have a date, could mean doing something as simple as deciding to have a nightcap together, turning off your phone, talking about your day, dreams, future vacays, whatever… you guys get it.

Ok but this isn’t a blog telling you to turn off your phone and talk. I’m going to share my fav (FREE) date night.

1. Minute to win it game night. I think you can buy kits, but if you search on pinterest, you can probably make them with stuff you have around your house!

2. Board game night. You could even have a prize for whoever wins ex) winner gets breakfast in bed the following morning.

3. Dinner (or appetizers) and a movie. Create an atmosphere, light candles, play music, fancy it up as much as you like, then cap it with some Netflix and Chill

4. Nerf gun fight. If you don’t have nerf guns, you might need to get creative (have big marshmallows in your panty?)

5. Pour your fav drinks and trip down memory lane, pull out the old photo albums (yes, a photographer would suggest that)

6. Camp out in your living room, grab a tent, make oven smores, hot dogs, watch a movie inside or play cards.

7. Have a karaoke night. Have one of those Christmas projectors?Give your karaoke room a real cheesy vibe.

8. 3&3 Activity (we've been doing this so long that I feel like I may have invented it lol but I could be wrong) I didn't want to make this too long so I made this into a seperate little blog.

9. We were gifted this AMAZING book for deepening our relationship through questions and it’s supposed to be 1 question a day, but we tend to go a couple weeks without picking it up. Which honestly is perfect because we can pour ourselves a drink and reconnect through questions for a quick little date. This book is SO GOOD.

10. The Newly Wed Game (but for all couples) again I didn't want to make this too long so I made a separate blog for this one too. I'm going to do a follow up blog on things you can buy to support local business and uplevel your date night in, but for now that's it!

If you found this helpful please remember that sharing is caring 😂! Happy dating! xo crystal

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