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Saggy Boobs and Bathing Suits

I saw a really cute bathing suit on Instagram, I LOVED it. It was a black one-piece, high cut legs with a cute little white text that read "MOM BOD" on the top. I needed it. Summer was coming and I was at a stage postpartum where I didn't know what my new normal was going to be. This cute little bathing suit was like a permission slip to have my body. Like to really own it, dare I say, be proud of it @thebirdspapaya style. So this suit was over $100 USD + shipping taxes, duty, etc. and I was like, ok no, I'm a savvy DIY Mom now. I'll find a black swimsuit and get my local girl (Erin's Prairie Crafts & Kitchen) to stamp those perfect 6 letters on. I found the swimsuit at Walmart, it was just ok, but this mom didn't really have time to shop with 2 kids in tow and I needed this project done ASAP. I got together with Erin, I brought her the swimsuit and we planned everything out. When I got it back, I was SO EXCITED. I had #instaMom dreams of having photos at the lake done, big hat, baby on my hip, I had big dreams for this suit. When I put it on and looked in the mirror it was ok, I mean the message was why I wanted it, then I slightly slouched. Just the teeniest of shoulder rounding happened, and the bathing suit support was gone and my boobs folded down and sagged over the second word. I tried to fix my posture, but it was hard to get that 2nd word back. "MOM" It left me in all my Pinterest glory, all my DIY magic, with the single world MOM showing. I knew that I didn't even need that second word, because as my boobs sagged over they spoke the word they covered. This is the new normal.

Insta post with MOM BOD flatlay JUNE 2018: "There's not a lot out there for new mom body positivity. I know because I just tried to find a quote on Pinterest, but all I found was a bunch of "push yourself" "no excuses" "it only takes 15 mins" quotes. Which honestly didn't resonate with me. I love this temple and will continue to treat it with love and the up most respect. It's not broken or in need of fixing. This body has given me the life of my dreams. I'm going to treat it as such. Rant. Over. (Ps how great is this swimmer Erin Strachan customized for me??)"

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