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Regina Business here to answer our biggest question

Local biz answering our (yes I'm speaking collectively here) families' most asked question. WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!

Oh yeah you forgot to pull out the chicken (again). The crock-pot meal potatoes you bought have already sprouted, you open your fridge for a glimmer of hope, but things are bleak. You pull the vegetable drawer and more bad news...

I may be way off base, BUT WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE.

OK so what is this biz: This is the AIR BnB of home chefs-

Let's roll into it. This was birthed from a Regina family needing someone to meal prep for them. Healthy meals, ready to go. Hello fresh and other services like that are great but they still require 20-45 mins to cook. Not to mention paying for excessive packaging and food items that may already be sitting in your pantry or freezer. Plus hello fresh is not cleaning your kitchen after.

Just saying.

How would it feel to not have to worry about what's for dinner? TBH I can't image the freedom of dinner time not weighing on my mind the last hour before I need to pick up my kids. That sounds so dramatic but when you have picky eaters (that are hungry when you pick them up) and a desire to eat healthy food that actually tastes delicious. It's a struggle! WE NEED AFFORDABLE MEAL SERVICES THAT MAKE SENSE!!! Rant over.

Another really cool thing that they do is dinner parties, so invite your people over and then all you have to do is ENJOY THEIR COMPANY. I could cry this is so brilliant. And then the Chef cleans up. They are insured and have years of experience... I also have tried the food from Chef Zachary and am still drooling. So Regina: let's make life easy. So to recap: -Brilliant, totally customizable meal prep

-Support local chefs -Support local grocery stores and markets -You get more time to be present with your family -NO CLEAN UP (can you tell that jazzes me up??)

-The option to have healthy meals at your fingertips and in your fridge -Or host parties and events with the most incredible meals possible

Chef co contact info will be at the bottom of this blog, so you have to scroll through drool-worthy images that I took to get to their website link:

Regina, Sk

Call us at: +1 (306) 988 7334 Email us at: Instagram: website: Support Chef Co. this #YQR local business by sharing this blog!!!!

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