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Lounge Wear, Everywhere

Before I swipe my credit card to buy some clothes, I either:

a) have an exact event that said article of clothes is being worn at


b) I can visualize myself wearing it with different articles of clothing that are already in my wardrobe and ideally can be worn to a variety of outings.

These rules obviously don’t always get followed. I often find that when I don’t do part b (from above); those are the clothes that end getting donated a couple years. They basically become unnecessary bulk in my dresser or closet.

When the world closed down with COVID I barely got out of Chris’s sweatpants, which is totally fine, but I got to a point where I wanted an upgrade and then I started hunting for a lounge set.

When I saw it I felt really inspired, I envisioned myself with red lipstick, big glasses, chunky gold everything. I also saw myself just sitting on the couch doing nothing. This type of flexibility was what every optimist in quarantine needed. FYI This picture really doesn't do my vision justice lol.

Once it came in, I truly realized it’s potential!


Casual/ Comfy:

Business Casual:


There are loads of ways to wear this top, you can: ✔️tie it on the side, ✔️tie it on the front, ✔️tuck it all ✔️tuck one side ✔️french tuck ✔️tuck it into your bra to be a crop top ✔️at the bottom of the neck, tie it from the bottom with a little band (what I did for the beach look) ✔️wear it off one shoulder or possibly both I'm wearing a size small and I would say it's true to size! buy it here From Shein I also found something similar in their Curve/ Plus section Check it out here! I hope your July is off to a great start and you feel so inspired to pick up your own little loungewear set!! xo crystal

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