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How to Do a 'YES' Day with Your Littles

First up, what is a yes day: Your kids ask to do something and you can't say no. This got a bit popularized after a movie came out with that premise (still haven't seen it lol). So it's a fun day for your kids! It sounds simple, but here's the way to make it fun for you: 1. Set ground rules. you don't want to buy them a new toy? You don't want to leave the city? Make sure they know the parameters prior to that day. 2. Set a time it ends. For us we didn't want the yes day to mess up the next day, SO we made sure we had the same bedtime routine.

3. Let them get a tummy ache if they want. Honestly, one day in their life is not going to mess up habits, their blood sugar will eventually return to normal. This one was a big one for me, but I would gently advise, 'it's important to eat things that are going to give you lasting energy to have the best day possible without a tummy ache.' Your kids might even surprise you with the healthier choices they make throughout the day!..... maybe lol Things we've done: water park science centre Mcdonalds climberz movie theatre arcade Picnic bike rides parks Anyways these days are ridiculously fun and I 10/10 recommend. Good luck out there friends! Xo Crystal

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