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Do I regret Micro-Needling My Brows?

It's been 365 days with semi permanent brows! You may or may not know, but these babies are an investment. They are not cheap- and I have had so many people ask me if they are worth it. Well let's get in to it. Before Micro Needling:

I have tinted my brows for the last 8ish years, but in between tints, my brows dissapear. I wanted something that was going to make my life easier. I hated guessing my where I should tweeze or never knowing what shape to try to make. So I opted to get Combo brows from Bliss (shading + hair strokes) This is was they looked like right after:

WOW they were big, I knew that they would shrink- but I LOVED them this bold, going from no brows to these I was like OH YES. HERE WE ARE lol. Once they healed they were dark and stunning, the shrinkage disappointment also shrank and I was fully in love. Trust was restored in the Bliss Team 🤩

The hair strokes were visible and I thought they did an incredible job choosing a colour that suited my fair complexion. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE DAYS LATER: I am eligible for my one year touchup, even though they have faded- I still really love them. I decided to snap some pictures to show you how they are looking today. Now I did not put on ANY MAKEUP- I didn't want a single swipe of bronzer, or an accidental dab of concealer to change how they look in any way. SO HERE THEY ARE IN ALL THEIR GLORY 365 Days Later:

I LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY LOOK NATURAL & TIMELESS, Like if these babies lasted the next 60 years I would be so happy!! - I use a eyebrow razor and clean them up, every couple of weeks (it takes 60 seconds and there is ZERO guess-work as to where to shave and where not to) and I feel like I'm good to go. The Blonde hair on top tones them down, but I still think they have faded really beautifully since I got them done. When I want them to be a little more dramatic I will tint them at my house (which takes 10 mins and lasts about 3 weeks) I did that after I took that picture ^ I tinted my brows, put a little gel on an eyelash spoolie and spiked them up. In the next picture I put on a little make-up too.

So for me, they were such a win. I love that Jessica From Bliss, kept things natural and worked with the brows that I had. Here are some Cute pics of the Bliss team + Jessica The Brow Artist that did mine. Photos taken by yours truly! Crystal25 get's you 25% off your first service!! Check out their services here!

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