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Having 'The Talk' with a Toddler

So last night Stel (4 and a bit-year-old) asked one of her semi-common questions to prolong the bedtime routine:

“How are babies made?” I was surprised that she asked me when she was just 3, I thought I’d have a couple more years to formulate what I was going to say, but there I was, wide-eyed in a dark room, nervous sweating like a sixth-grader in sex-ed class.

Ok ok, that’s not what happened lol, I took a deep breath and told her what was up in the only way I knew how: When people make a baby it goes something like this: A penis enters into a vagina and shoots out a seed (what? Lol still working on the wording for this part) That seed hits an itty bitty egg inside the momma and that’s what starts the baby growing! And that baby it grows and grows and grows and grows and GROWS AND GROWS until it can barely fit inside anymore When the baby is ready to come out it travels from the momma’s uterus through the birthing canal and out the vagina Ta-da! Welcome baby BOOM * dusts hands walks away * Our casual candid conversations always bring a casual, mature, response from my little angel: JUST KIDDING The first time I told her this, it sent her into a dizzy, a meltdown of epic proportions: How in the world was she birthed out of MY vagina? It wasn’t fair. Why wasn’t she consulted about that decision? “I JUST WANTED TO COME OUT OF DAD’S PENIS!!!!!!”

There you have it folks. Life with a toddler. Should have told her some weird story about a stork. Jokes aside last night when she asked me, we ended up having a really great conversation. She asked me about the birth canal and where it was because she didn’t see it on her tablet (one of her learning apps has a basic anatomy section). I asked her if I found a video on a baby being born if she’d want to watch it with me. She then laughed out loud and said “you’re going to show me a video of some woman’s butt!!!? SERIOUSLY??”. Currently there is a very little distinction from a butt and a vagina, we will get that figured out 😅. She’s 4 we will give her a breather. Anyways, I love these candid conversations because it’s paving a safe space to talk about sex and relationships (way) later down the road. This is obviously going to be too detailed for some folks, and not enough details for others, but for us, for now it's what's being said. I know not everyone is going to agree but to each their own. We are all just doing the best we can! Anyways, I hope this gave you a laugh! If anyone has any sex-ed questions I’m going to have to direct you somewhere else. Lol xo crystal

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