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Updated: May 1, 2022

$18 Prismatic Wall Hanging Urban Outfitters. Basically if it bounces light, I'm here for it

Wireless headphones, ok so most of us have ear buds at this point, but you know what I really want? Something that I don't have to worry about shoving in my ear and hoping it doesn't fall out if I'm vacuuming too intensely. Lol.. Just me? ok ok.

Billabong Bucket hat From Jenny Jones $39. Ok we've seen bucket hats have their time in the sun (see what I did there?). The truth is though- whether we like em or not, we need sun protection. So we might as well dabble in our 90s trends! Hello Bucket hat season!!

The mask mandate is lifted and I'm back to enjoying my fun lippies. Local to Regina, Lip Republic gloss $29.

Robe $115 I think this would pair really well with a prairie Creek candle, maybe a new coffee mug, depending on what the mama is into, but this robe is dreamy.

Obsessed with Vintage kitchen appliances Blue Toaster Electric Kettle

Lots of different styles and colours on Bed Bath Beyond and Wayfair!

Another wayfair find! Also new plate sets excite me, so I guess that's how old I am. LOL

Moon Magic Rings. $152 Their raw cut stone collection is amazing. Instagram definitely nailed their target audience when I started getting ads for them. Lol

Table Top Fire $200 Ok I'm obsessed with this. This could be paired with a bottle of their fav something something, or a blanket for chilly nights outside or with some marshmallows and graham crackers. On the note of Patios, another great idea is updating some patio furniture. If your Momma is picky like myself, I recommend making a shopping date. When I asked my instagram community I had a handful of egg chair wishes! This one is off the walmart website: It's super cute- and (for egg chairs) affordable.

WHEN IN DOUBT: gift cards Car wash and Detailing: Suds Flowers, decor, plants: Rose and Vine A cleaning service HELLO: Tidy Home I can't leave myself out- book some photos: Crystal Lens Photography Plants: Fat Plant Farm Fashion: Bella Chic Books: Indigo Not Entirely sure? Dutch growers. You can't go wrong

Photo cred: image of plants + cleaning supplies: Pinterest Florals Rose and Vine photo by yours truly Woman in chair is from the Bella Chic Website I hope that was helpful! Wishing you all a great week xo Crystal

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