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Fav SK Camping Spot!

"You want to know the real reason we’re going camping?" She asked the person at the picnic table next to us, with a delivery like she’s been making murder mystery documentaries her whole life. “To get rid of our fruit flies”.


Ah yes, we brought some fruit flies back from the grocery store and I casually mentioned as I packed up all our fruit, they would probably be all gone before we got home haha. It always gives me a laugh about what kids decide to share with strangers lol.

Chris and I love camping, although will admit tenting with kids has its challenges.

(that picture of Chris is after a particularly tough moment where the kids were not listening) It's not all rainbows and smores camping with littles 😂)


We went to Good Spirit Lake, which I believe is the absolute best lake to take kiddos to. It’s 2 hours 38 mins from Regina and 1 hour 47 mins from Broadview.

It was named by Mclean’s Magazine as one of the top 10 beaches in Canada, and I will vouch for that, IT’S PERFECT.

Why I love it:


The beach itself is big, and has great sand with minimal rocks, so no water-shoes needed.

It’s perfect for little kids in the way that the first kilometer(ish) of water ranges from just covering your foot, to just over your knee. I know kids can drown in as little as 2 inches of water but it’s nice to feel like you can watch your kiddo from a bit of a distance vs hovering beside them.

The water happened to be warm this past weekend, but what I really liked was the lack of algae and how clear the water was.

It has great amenities by the main beach; showers, clean bathrooms, ice cream store, and playground.


The amount of mature trees is incredible.

It feels like it was a forest area, and they took time to make it into a campground VS some campgrounds that we’ve stayed at that feel like “hey there’s nothing here, maybe we should make it into a campground”

The sites are big but spread out. When I was looking at the back of our site, I couldn’t see our neighbors in my peripheral vision.

There were toilets a short distance from every campsite, although we strategically took a site near the bathroom with running water and a shower.

Anyways, if you have littles I would recommend going there 💛

I asked my insta friends for meal ideas and tricks and they did not disappoint. My fav meal wa

s bbq chicken, potatoes, and carrot tin foil packs (that actually were made 100% packed and put in a ziplock bag and heated up over the fire with corn on the cob! Making it in advance meant we didn’t have to pack seasoning, it saved dishes AND it obviously was super quick so we didn’t spend too long preparing for dinner. My other fav tip that we got was crack eggs into a water bottle for scrambled eggs! We had eggs and bacon cooked on the cast iron pan, over the fire and it was nice having pre-seasoned eggs, ready to cook. Amazing!!

Happy Camping Friends! (I just had to add these pics, Stel took them, and I love them so dang much)

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