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Beginner's Guide to Manifesting Cool Sh**

I hear all the time that “I can’t manifest” or “I’m not lucky enough to manifest anything cool”. But the kicker is you manifest so much stuff all the time. For example A thought pops into your head, “I want some cinnamon buns”, you put it on the grocery list or you pull out the ol’ recipe book and in time you’re enjoying your cinnamon buns. Or you want to take a trip somewhere hot and you just go ahead and book flights (sorry that example is a bit depressing right now, anyhoo, you get it). Manifesting is really just the act of bringing your desires in your reality. ⭐️ So before you close this tab thinking that I’m just going to tell you to action everything you desire, HANG ON. Manifestation starts getting absolutely crazy because things you desire just start falling in your lap. Here we go team, it’s so simple: Dream it or write it down and or create a vision board. BOOM, you’re done.

Get ready for the MAGIC

The universe/ God/ Creator/ who-ever you feel is responsible for us being here, has heard your desires and there isn’t anything else you need to do. I think writing it down, or creating a vision board is powerful for beginners (and non-beginners) because it forces you to get specific and to actually see yourself living it out. The visualization accompanied by the feeling it gives you plays a huge part in the success of your manifestation. Now you’re going to be thinking, no, that doesn’t work, I’ve had a convertible on my vision board since I was 10 years old, and it still hasn’t fallen on my lap, neither has my 6 pack abs that I’ve been pinning for a decade. Ok ok ok ok maybe it's not as simple as I made it sound. I do believe you can manifest cool things at any point in your life, although certain beliefs are going to make you a cool shi** magnet, while others are going to give you so much resistance to your desires. Here are some of the beliefs that I’ve adopted, to become a cool sh** magnet ⭐️

1. Gratitude is the gateway. Why would the divine, god, universe, whom-ever give you more, when you don’t appreciate what you already have. I recommend at least once a day, bringing attention to what you’re grateful for, even the stuff we’ve all taken for granted like if you’re reading this chances are you have a device that’s allowing you to read it. You have an education that has taught you to read, you probably had something to eat or drink today. There is so much to be grateful for 🙌🏻 2. Miracles happen every day! Your dang existence is miraculous. There is no reason for your desires not to happen, they can literally unfold in the craziest most unexpected ways, but you have to believe it’s possible. 3. “God, the universe, creator whomever-you-believe-in has my back”. I have faith that everything in this life that is thrown at me was meant to happen and I will be grateful for the blessing or the lesson. 3. Everything happens in divine timing. This ties into the previous one. I know that __ has my back, and therefore I don’t need to stress about the timing. This might be the hardest one, because when things don’t happen in the timeframe you want, it can make you question everything. Always keep the faith. 4. This or something better is always coming. Sometimes you don’t get what you want because something WAY better is coming your way. 5. I am worthy of everything I desire. Abundance is a birthright, every person on this planet is worthy of getting all of their dreams and desires met ✨ 6. You are always proving yourself right. Your thoughts create your reality. So be mindful of what words you’re attaching to your identity. The first one that comes to mind is when people say they’re unlucky or cursed. If you know of someone who says this you’re going to know they are a crap magnet. DO NOT BE A CRAP MAGNET. Have faith, be grateful and only attach great things to your identity.

Ok so now with those beliefs, you’re going to look at your vision board/ your list of desires and you’re going to see which of those call you to take action and which ones will just require faith. For example, those rock-hard abs will not form on your couch dreaming about having them. You have to act. When you look at those abs on your vision board and see yourself having them, you have truly become that version of yourself. Believe that’s your identity. What would THAT version of yourself be doing? You have to take inspired action. As for the rest keep working at being the best possible version of yourself from the inside out and get ready for all of your wildest dreams to come true. Cool sh** Chris and I have manifested that didn't require inspired action in the last 5 months: -Money that came unexpectedly from random avenues (over $1700) -Free boxes of HelloFresh (which was on my vision board) -$150 worth of free meat -Our dream mattress in exchange for photo content valued at $1750 - The growth of my instagram account BLAA: I’m dreading typing this but it has to be said: you can also block your manifestations from happening from limiting beliefs that you’ve acquired, even ones you didn’t realize you had, EVEN ones from before the age of 7. 😣😣😣 I’m not going to get too much into this because it’s a beginner’s guide and I’ll find myself knee deep in a novel. BUUUUT I’m going to link some people that help with manifesting money and manifesting a soul mate. Even my local gal Riley Lawson can help you identify and dissolve some of your biggest limiting beliefs that are blocking you from living the life of your dreams. Manifesting Money: Kathrin Zenkina Amanda Frances Relationships: Mark Groves OKAY THAT'S ALL FOR MY BEGINNER'S GUIDE! Have you manifested anything cool lately?? Let me know!

xo crystal

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