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ANTI-inflammatory ELIXIR

I've been dealing with some skin reactions, and as much as I like to consider myself a health conscious human, I wanted to ramp up my diet. I was influenced by the tiktok lemonade and decided to follow a similar process, but without the wild amount of sugar and condensed milk (aka sugar milk). 2-3 oranges quartered (skin on) 1/2 pineapple chunked (skin removed) 1 knob of ginger (peeled) 1 heaping tablespoon of turmeric Put those ingredients in the blender, add water to mostly cover and blend! The first time I made it, I strained it, the second time, I was too lazy. So I chug a cup a day- and keep the rest in the fridge. Now I am not a doctor, nor nutritionist, but I googled anti-inflammatory food, and blended them together. It's firey and refreshing!

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