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7 year itch-

My plan for this blog post was just to write what we had learned in our 7 years together (2 married). I started by randomly googling '7 years together quotes' for a catchy title and instead found: the 7-year itch.

Apparently, 7 years is the make or breakpoint in a relationship, it's that point where you decide you're committed or the time you start to question everything.

Y'all probably guessed it, Chris is my ride or die. I literally could write this whole blog on how much I adore him as a partner, as a father, as a friend, but I won't cause that would be hella boring to read. (unless you're Chris lol)

Let us take a moment to spill the tea-

This year was the busiest for Chris and me. Both of us are business owners and with that comes long and sometimes weird work hours. This was the first year that I came to learn how quickly resentment can grow when your communications slow. Yes, I had to throw that little rhyme in. lolol. I’m talking about a couple of weeks, but I saw so clearly how that could have snowballed into full seasons, and I can imagine how it would be trickier to fix the longer it went on.

Chris and I have prided ourselves on our communication, but this year we learned the importance of prioritizing our time when our schedules get hectic. This wasn't fancy date nights, this was literally 30 mins here are there after the kids went to bed. Catching up on questions from the Marriage 365 Book or really talking things out, asking for what we need.

Things that help us going into every hard conversation:

Both of us understand and believe that the other would never purposely do/ say/ or not do something to hurt the other.

Both of us always go in trying to understand and empathize, not to argue or dismiss the situation.

Both of us understand that emotion is always attached to a thought. This is actually thanks to following Robyn Michon on insta, I’ve learned how to communicate more effectively (you should definitely check her out if you aren't already.) Ex: You make me so mad. Vs You made me mad when you did that because I assumed that you didn’t care about my schedule/ needs etc. Random example but you get it. Every time you feel an emotion, there’s a thought, and the thought is usually what needs to be talked through.

Anyways! That’s it, here are more pictures of us jumping on the bed at the Hotel Saskatchewan, eating what was supposed to be our wedding brownie (but we ran out of time) instead we are eating skip the dishes Burger King chocolate cake hahah

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