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Covid 19- 1 sentence lessons

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Some of my biggest, most powerful, transformative lessons have all come from pain, or hardship, yeah, it sounds cliche, but it is what it is lol. So when Covid-19 hit, I have been actively seeking out the lessons, because I know they're in there, waiting to be seen. I got curious about what other people have learned and started asking.

I asked them what lesson they've learned in the last month, the caveat was that it could only be 1 sentence long. These responses came in from Australia, Holland, Nova Scotia, Alberta and of course the bulk from the good ol' prairies. spoiler the first two are mine⭐️ 1. I learned that self-isolating in a city probably feels similar to being on ‘maternity leave’ in a very small town where you don’t have any friends. (with that being said, we have a close relationship with Chris’s family here in broadview, so obviously, it’s even worse than mat leave) 2. I learned that fear and faith are opposites, and equally powerful. 3. I will never take the ability to travel for granted again. 4. In time this will pass too. 5. If I needed a career change from IT, I would be a really successful crocodile wrestler, because I can diaper change a tantruming toddler. 6. I used to think I was an extrovert, but now being self quarantined, I realized I’m an introvert who loves being home. 7. You just never know what's going to happen!

8. That there are way too many corporations who have my email address! 9. Never take a hug for granted 10. Gocleanco has shown me my house is fucking dirty lol. 11. Look for joy and take pleasure in the little things. 12. Painting projects might seem like they’re a good idea- but they’re not.

13. My family does not get more harmonious over time 😂 we need space.

14. Saying goodbye to coworkers as I left the office for the last time to work from home was way more emotional than I thought it would be.

15. Times like this show people's true colors

16. Homeschooling is NOT my calling.

17. Don't take the small things for granted.

18. That the 2 days of kindergarten a week allowed my boys to have some time apart so that they didn’t fight all the time and pester one another

19. Our greatest gift is we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow..

20. Wash, rinse, sanitize and repeat. 21. Life is what you make it!

22. I am not meant to be a stay at home mom.... lol. 🤦‍♀️

23. I have realized the smallest joys that I have taken for granted.

24. Make lemonade 25. Wash your hands! 🤣

26. One must use a ton of hand lotion after copious use of hand sanitizer.

27. Get out of your head and into your heart-trust whatever is there. 28. Take care of yourself first 29. Challenge breeds creativity 30. Bleach is my new best friend. 31. That I crave human interaction and need it more than I thought. 32. Carol Baskin fed her husband to the tigers. 33. Take time to breath & slow down, that’s where the most amazing moments are. 34. Spreading joy is the best medicine. 35. You’re going to cry, like everyday, and that’s probably ok. 36. Slowing down makes me happy. 37. People don’t wash their hands as often as they should lol. 38. That nothing is really ours to control and surrendering is the key to happiness. 39. I’m not a stay at home mom, so I should stop pretending like I know wtf I’m doing ha ha. 40. It’s OKAY to slow down. 41. There is ALWAYS a way. 42. Everyone in the exotic pet industry is bat shit crazy. 43. Never take time with your loved ones for granted. 44. I’ve learned what truly matters most to me. 45. I miss my mom. 46. I took for granted being able to stop by and visit my parents. 47. My tribe is more important to my mental health then I knew. 48. I’ll never retire, this slow life is not for me! 49. Slow the fuck down and enjoy all the little things. 50. You can’t compare your journey to anyone else’s- we all have different destinies. 51. Practicing gratitude and how to apply it daily. 52. To not take the simple things for granted. 53. Everything is going to be okay. 54. Make Lemonade. 55. Social distancing is tough for a hugger. 56. I love having my family home with me all day, every day. 57. In isolation I like people less. 58. I learned how to adapt a new way of living. 59. My niece said she learned how to divide by 1s! 60. My nephew said: I really like to be homeschooled, it’s fun and I like learning from my parents. 61. That I love and miss wandering the isles of the grocery store- grocery shopping is/was therapeutic for me! 62. All the things I didn't stress about and drove people crazy when I didn't stress about, didn't need stressing about. 63. My kid says "mother fucker" when he thinks I'm not listening. 64. I have learned that I am actually such a positive and grateful person- not just 'fake it until I make it' (anymore). 65. I have learned we all take too much for granted. 66. I learned how to use a power sander, and that it isn't as difficult or scary as I thought it would be. 67. I have happy, sad, angry, bitter and neutral lessons from all of this- and they change hourly. 68. I have learned that my hard work over the years has paid off and those new thought patterns (neuro pathways) I have been working on building are there!! I loved hearing everyones unique lessons and feelings, if you have a lesson you've learned send it to me and I'll add it to the list! I hope you all are in good health and talk soon!

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