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Tips to make family photos stress free: . . 1.  Make sure everyone is fed.  Important for kids but also for moms like me who get edgy when the food tank starts getting low. . . 2. This is the one no one wants to hear, lower your expectations.  Kids will be kids, and as much as it’s beautiful to get that one shot of everyone smiling, it may or may not happen.  The happiest kids can be stone-faced and the moodiest can be full of smiles. As parents haven’t we come to expect the unexpected 🤪? . . 3.  Relax. Seriously. I see this happen all the time: kids are being cute and playful and Mom or Dad or both are yelling at the child(ren) to sit up straight or pay attention.  Literally could have been the cutest picture, but there is an angry PARENT(s) in the image. 😬 even when things feel like they're falling apart. Smile 🤭 . . 4. You know why Chris and I don’t stress?  We embrace what will be will be. We also allow enough time for photos, so that there isn’t so much pressure to make magic in a 20 min window.  This is huge. . . Literally the most important thing about family photos is that you JUST DO THEM.  Without question they will mean the most to you in the coming years. Your kids will never be this little again. . . DM to talk about your session! Click Here for outfit selection choices!

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