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Formula to Catapult your Motivation

prelude to a motivational post during a pandemic-

I am not of the belief that people need to be hyper focused and productive during a worldwide pandemic. I think we'd all agree everyone needs to do what's best for their own mental health, and that's going to look different for every person. Even one step further, if you need someone to hold space for you and listen to your feelings, I can be that person for you, please reach out 🖤

. . . . I learned a while back that it’s easier to motivate through fear of loss than it is to motivate through the joy of gains. (I actually learned that in a sales training I took 100 years ago) Unfortunately, It’s really true. We do stuff that we know isn’t in our best interest ALL. THE. TIME. My most recent example is the insane amount of stuff I consumed over Easter (we could even just say this past month, cause, quarantine snacking is now my full-time gig lol). Knowing I’d feel better if I wasn’t overeating hasn’t been a big enough motivator for me to slow my eating. The joy of gains (me knowing I'd feel better if I didn't) has not been strong enough for me. So what if I throw a plot twist in? This is the formula when I commit to something: I SHALL DO ABC THING. IF I DON'T I SHALL NOT GET XYZ THING. So this is my example: I tell Chris that if I don’t get up at 5am I don’t get coffee. For the record I can barely live without coffee. It a) gives me a migraine if I don’t drink it and b) it’s my love language. I feel like a whole person when it’s in my hands lol. Chris and I wind up with it in the morning, and after a long day, we wind down with it. Our love for coffee.. It’s serious. We also hold each other accountable. The fear of loss, get’s my ass out of bed in the morning, and it yields high results. Another one that I’ve used is if I don’t accomplish my goals, NO SOCIAL MEDIA. Do you want to see me work out 3x a week? Tell me I’ll lose my Instagram. This works so well. I suggest telling someone so that there is a bit of accountability and even a little social pressure. Add that in with the fear of losing something, and it is a really powerful combo! If you don't have someone who can keep you accountable in your house, literally scream it from the top of your Facebook status or even message me! I promise it will be really powerful.

I was always told to treat yourself for accomplishing your goals... For smaller goals, I just don't know if it works well? Why that doesn't work for me is a) if I decide on a small treat, I'm probably going to go for it anyway, because it's easy to convince myself that I deserve it because of 100 other things lol *real talk*

If it's too big, I wonder if it would be easy to talk myself out of it. Like ok you didn't need that anyway, or your money would be better spent here or there or whatever. So for me, small painful losses of coffee or the gram get me going. 😆 So if you've committed to a goal, but find that it's hard to motivate yourself, this may do the trick, if you try it, let me know how it goes! Remember ⬇️

xo Crystal

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