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Discover how to fill your calendar with dream clients 

Without spending hours feeling like a slave to the algorithm 

Business Coaching


Hey I'm Crystal!

Years in the making and here we are:

I know I was put on this planet to be a helper, and after a decade of diving into entrepreneurship, business podcasts, branding, self-development, and (dare I say) sales, we are here. It’s like a fog has been lifted and all the things that I love and am passionate about, have linked arms and are ready to help entrepreneurs  (like you) build a business that not only makes sense but feels incredible. 


There’s nothing more disheartening than making a social media post to advertise your business or promotion and getting nothing but *crickets*. 

Or running a contest to try to reach new audiences, knowing what you're giving away is bursting with value, but having only your close friends and family enter.

I understand that frustration because I have BEEN THERE.


So let's talk biz:


This can lead to self-defeating thoughts...


It makes you start to think- is my work good enough? 

It makes you wonder why that person you thought you were friends with, booked with someone else in your industry.

It makes you question if you are priced too high or if you should try to run a sale to ramp up the excitement around your business.
All of sudden you are online looking up your competitors, seeing what they have that you don't.. 

I get that because I know what it feels like to be driven and excited about your business and then crash into a wall thinking your business is invisible.  You then are left questioning if you need to work on the technical side of your business or the CEO side.  It can be so overwhelming guessing what your next step should be.


What you need to know:


The truth is:

  • If you don’t get clear on what your brand stands for-

  • If you don’t have an effective sales strategy-

  • If you aren’t intentional with your mindset-

  • if you don’t have the processes and systems in place to make your business simple

You will forever be trying to swim upstream.  You'll be questioning your business, wasting your time worrying about what other people are doing and saying, comparing your work, not creating a business that lights you up and most importantly not filling up your calendar with Dream Clients.
I can help you get to the next level of your business.


entrepreneurship can be lonely. 

that’s why I want over our 6 weeks working together to not only act as a coach but a business partner so you can feel confident in your business. This means bouncing ideas off of me. it means working through the imposter syndrome with someone who has been there.  Someone who in a pinch can help you word an email that has been stressing you out.  Someone who can encourage you when you need to borrow some confidence.   

If you're reading this right now, I know you believe you have the potential to create the business of your dreams. 

I think about when I started my business 7 years ago, if I had someone to help me with my brand, how to find my voice on social media, and even the teensiest bit of mindset, I would have saved THOUSANDS of dollars on courses, programs. not to mention countless hours of trying to look things up and learn those things by myself. I also would have skipped over the first couple of years in my business where I was making NO MONEY.  I wouldn’t miss those years if I could go back lol.

So A question for you:

How would it feel to have someone guide you to the next level of your business?  Someone that wants you to succeed just as much as you want yourself to succeed?


This is the vibe for my 1on1 coaching: I want you to succeed, and I believe so much in your potential I tattooed it on my arm:


​"magnificent you magnificent me."

I know from the multiple business coaches I have had, that even though some people might thrive on being pushed with a strict 'manual to success'- not everyone needs or wants that.  You need a mentor who understands that each entrepreneur is different, and there is not a one size fits all way to becoming a profitable, successful business owner.

What EXACTLY will this include:  LEVEL ONE MENTORSHIP

  • Foundationally we get into money manifestation, now this may seem very 'out there' but I promise it's not as weird as it sounds- we have to set you up to leave with more money in your pocket, than when you came in. 

  • We start it up by looking at your human design to see if it aligns with how you are currently operating your business. (If you don't know what this is or how it will affect your business you are in for a treat!)

  • Next, we'll be moving to your branding. We will be looking through your values and understanding how you can leverage those to find your dream clients.  We will be setting brand standards and brand promises.  We will set up Content pillars so that you know what to talk about in your copy.  Then we will Audit your visual brand.

  • Next up we start tweaking the current client experience. assessing your pricing and packages.

  • Once there is confidence in those areas we will move towards attracting your dream client, and the strategies to get in front of them without being sale-sy.  How to show up on social media in a way that FEELS GOOD and speaks to your dream client. 

  • get into cultivating a relationship so that you get your dream clients referring you.

  • We will come up with a strategy, set goals, and have you feeling like you can take on the world while filling up that calendar with dream clients! 


Crystal Lens_camera icon.png

this is for you if:

  • You don't feel comfortable promoting yourself or your business on social media

  • You don't feel like you are attracting your dream clients

  • You wonder why people you know aren't booking you

  • You want to make more money, but you hate sales

  • You can feel like a bit of an imposter in this industry

  • You often wonder if you're doing this as efficiently as possible

  • You wish there was some sort of handbook you could review to 'know  exactly' how to run your business

If reading this you feel a teeny bit excited take that as a cue to set up a call- let’s see if what I’m offering is what you really need.  I can't wait to chat!!

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Can't wait to chat!

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