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What is FED?!

Before I get into it! Fed is getting fired up again, and partnering with From Seed to Sprout in regina to use their ecommerce website to sell necklaces in may! They are also going to donate the processing fees so EVERY PENNY IS GOING TOWARDS FED!!! They are incredible nurses and educators that have programs for people entering parenthood!!! tap the picture below to check out their website 🙌🏻

Well I better start at the beginning. I fell In love with a necklace that I found online that I realized I could purchase wholesale. I had (and have) no intention of being a jewelry maker, I want that to be clear- but I had this very weird urge to buy this cute little pendant and then pair it with a lovely 18k gold chain.

I'm not going to lie, I felt really foolish telling my hubby that I liked a pendant so much that I couldn't help but buy SIXTY OF THEM. Also 60 additional gold chains for reasons unknown.

I sat on these necklaces, wondering if I should start gifting them to my fav 60 people or if I should try to sell them?

A couple weeks later A container of formula lands on my door addressed to my sister- She tells me: if you sign up to be a similac Club member, they send you free formula, and she was going to take it to a womens' shelter here in YQR.

My sister recalled the time working at the women's shelter (when she was a student Nurse) and some of the mother's would thicken up fruit juice with cornstarch to feed their babies. These moms, just like every other mom in the world: are just doing the best they can with the resources they have. but what if I could help? Even if I could help one Mom one time, I knew it would be worth it. I knew in that moment what needed to be done. FED WAS BORN.

Necklaces were sold + donations were given and 100% of the profit went to buying formula. Also Shout out to Bark Design Studio who donated their time and resources to make this perfect logo <3

So I of course, whipped up the necklaces, took some beautiful pictures and launched them! We were able to buy SEVENTY THREE JUMBO FORMULA TINS!!! That's 11,534 two ounce bottles!!! The Crystal Lens Community sold out the necklaces in HOURS!!!! I cried so many happy tears. This community is the BEST!!!! Also shout out to my Friend Mal (linked her insta), for modeling!!! She is magnificent!

SO that's the long and short of it!!! If you are interested make sure you are following my instagram to watch for the drop. We know they are going to sell out again!!! Sharing is caring! If you know someone who might be intersted in this blog, please pass it along! It would mean so much to me xo Crystal

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