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Mother's Day Plan

Updated: May 5, 2022

Honestly, I think we are tired of making a thousand decisions all the time. So in the spirit of simplification, I created a choose your own adventure Mother's Day Flow Chart. If nothing else, it will get the wheels spinning so that your partner can plan it, and you can sit back and enjoy your day.

4 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: 1. Mom's aren't allowed to clean the house, AND by not cleaning the house there shall not be more work that falls on her to-do List the following day. 2. Bottomless coffee. 3. there isn't a magic wand that makes your kids less of a handful on the second sunday of every May. So, if you're home trying to relax, be aware that kids can SENSE that. We go into Mother's day with realistic expectations 🙌🏻 4. Anything short of fast food and hiking trails, we should be making reservations in advanced if possible.

*Activity ideas: -Take the fam to the cinema -Science centre (Mom's love the science centre too ok? lol) -Imax movies (there are animal movies and 1 on Cuba ☀️) -Go to the floral conservatory -Walk around the lake -Go to White Butte Trails -Get your partner to take some family pictures -Go for ice cream -Go to sky park -Go Bowling

-Go Mini Golfing *Outdoorsy I found a blog about hikes around the Regina area! I'll link it here

Is the chart perfect? Um probably not, but I hope at minimum we got some ideas and plans formulating! happy Mothers Day!!!

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