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3&3 Date Night

This is actually something that Chris and I have done for years. We both really enjoy it and it actually takes zero prep and if you choose, zero money.

Step 1: Decide how much time you have.

Step 2: You and your partner are going write down 3 activities on slips of paper (6 total) not telling your partner what you’ve chosen. Of course the activities have to fit your time frame

examples: watch funny youtube vids do yoga play catch pretend to be a bartender and make each other a fancy cocktail bake something massage draw a picture of your partner play crib play a different board game play a video game take your pet for a walk make out go for a bike ride something more intimate if we lived in the city I'd definitely have a handful of treat excursions, but here in broadview things are limited 🤪 it can be anything, get as creative as you want

Step 3: put your activities in a hat, and pull them out. The order that they are pulled, is the order you do them. Chris and I have made minor tweaks, but sometimes the fun is in the randomness of the order... So generally, we would set a timer for 15 or 20 mins and do each activity for that amount of time. (obviously if one is fun and taking longer, we aren’t a slave to the timer but some are easy to stop right at the time, like watching funny YouTube vids or whatever)

( I couldn't help myself with that napoleon dynomite GIF 😂)

Step 4: have fun on your date!! xo crystal

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