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Go from:
Unseen Entrepreneur to Sought after Ceo

A two-day Marketing Intensive

We come up with a strategy, then we  MAKE IT HAPPEN!  So when you leave our time together you don't have to wonder about what to post and when.  You don't wish you had an image of this or an image of that- you have a bank of images, you have reels & videos made, and captions locked and loaded.   

You make a business post: 5 hours later, you see your 3 friends and your aunt have liked your post.  You're grateful for their support, but you CRINGE at how much effort you spent to get, nearly crickets...Worry not!  The solution is here.   

After our time together, all you have to do is hit that 'POST' button and respond to the inquiries as they come flyin' in.


Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 11.28.29 AM

Yes, you have the business, yes you have the drive, but knowing how to translate that into marketing content (ie posts, captions, videos, photos) is where doubt creeps in.

You wonder if you're doing it 'right', you feel overwhelmed with options, and soon you find yourself doing what you've always done.  If you can find 2 free days in your schedule buckle in, we are going to SET YOU UP.  

You know how powerful social media is, but you can't seem to find a 'groove' where your clients and customers are seeking out your business. You're too busy to learn social media and then far too busy to make clever content to set your business apart from everyone else's.  I get it.  There are so many moving parts to social media: videos, reels, photos, posts, captioning, planning- IT'S ALOT. 

This is where the Marketing intensive comes in

So what exactly is it?
It's a two-day marketing intensive.  You get me, my camera, my ideas, my copywriting, and my custom strategies.  You will leave our time together with a tangible plan of action.  We do this so that you don't have to waste time wondering what to post, or how to present your product/service or offer.  This is a great way to make sure that the photos that you invest in are actually the photos you need to properly market your business. 

On Instagram 2 years ago, all you had to do was post beautiful pictures to set yourself apart, but the game has changed, and strategy has never been more important.  We create a plan that you have the capacity to implement.  You hear a lot of 'just post more reels to grow' from Instagram experts; but we don't want your business gaining traction from people half the world away that will never buy from you, our goal will always be to get you seen by the RIGHT people, so that you can increase sales and have more impact.

We cover all the bases to create more magnetic content so that you can make more income and have more fun with your social media.   

Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 9.51.08 AM.png


I audit your current social media accounts to discover any content 'holes' so that you can boost overall engagement and have people flooding to your dms. 
We determine the strategy to get your ideal clients, saying "YES"  before you even present your offer or service. 
We also plan how the unveiling of new products/ services/ promotions in a way that builds excitement and interest from your followers.



After the strategy, this is where the camera's come out.  We get straight to creating high-quality content that is going to support the strategy. 
Photos for your
-static posts
-reel covers and



This is where we take Step 1 and 2 and wrap it up.
This could look like planning an Instagram feed, writing captions, planning out stories, scheduling content, so that when our time together is over, you don't have to wonder what to do next.

+ anything else that is specific to your business


Discover call (Complimentary)

Instagram Audit- I audit your current Instagram page to see where I see 'holes' that are blocking you from being magnetic.  I'll provide different angles on topics and suggest simple ways to create a deeper connection with your followers so that people are more likely to engage with your posts and ultimately buy from you. (Value $97)

1-hour consultation prior to our time together so that we can discuss photoshoot locations, outfits that compliment your branding, the mood/ aesthetic of your business, and how we might achieve that through photos, & videos.  We also chat about your business goals and your time capacity on social media. (Value $250)

day 1 3-hour strategy. we will come up with content pillars that build, know, like, and trust.  We will look at what your competition is doing and how we can have you stand out from the crowd.  We will come up with a YES plan, which is a way to get your followers to get comfortable saying yes to you before you even drop a service offer or product.  (Value $750)

Day 1 Photoshoot, you might not love having your photo taken, but this is a one-and-done feel.  We are shooting with purpose, we are getting 'THE SHOT' working your business angle/ aesthetic.  I'll have my professional lighting kits, so you will always be put in the most flattering light.  This could also be action shots, portraits, team portraits, stop motion, products, or interiors.  You have me and my camera for up to 4 hours.  (Value $999)

Day 2 is THE DAY.  It's a full of execution.  It's also the day that every business owner says they will schedule but never follows through on.  But not the sought-after CEO.  This is accountability to GET IT DONE.  We use the photos, we make trending reels, we write captions, then schedule it in, we update the old and we make sure things are scheduled to go out in a way that supports your capacity and your business goals. (Value $2000)



Get it all for $2497+ taxes

Your business can sell more and create more impact with this hands-on marketing support.  If you're ready to increase your bottom line, and start enjoying social media, book your discovery call today!

Can't wait to hear from you!!! 


You have ideas, but have no idea how to execute them.​

Your income has plateaued for the last 6 months  

You see other entrepreneurs  
blowing up on social media, but you feel unseen

You know the potential your business has, but your social media platforms are not converting into paying dream clients/customers

You want to make more money, but you hate sales

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